POWERPLAY Online (powerplay.online) is a web based platform designed to meet the needs of many millions of Americans who want to advertise their goods and services easily and inexpensively, as well as for the even greater number of people wishing to discover these advertisers for their products, their services and the business opportunities they may offer. The platform is intended to help everyone prosper regardless of their entrepreneurial skills and welcomes all participants who adhere to community standards.

Advertise the products you sell, the services you offer, your used car or house, your availability for the position you seek, a community event, a non-profit organization; the possibilities are limited only by the topics prohibited in the Terms of Service. Advertising simply and effectively is accomplished with three ad publication types:

Local-5 which refers to a small advertising target region that extends five miles in all directions from the ZIP code specified by you the advertiser. Only those visiting the site from within that general area will be automatically presented with these ads and these ads will be presented at the top.

Local-50 offers a target ad publication region that extends fifty miles from the specified ZIP code. For those entering the site from within the specified region they will see these ads following the Local-5 ads (if present).

National publication spans the entire country in which the advertiser is located. Likewise, these ads are viewable by everyone entering the site from that country. National ads follow Local-5 and Local-50 if either or both are present.

Advertising Rewards is a promotional vehicle designed to dramatically enhance the site’s growth rate and to leverage it using our growth revenue share algorithm. As the rewards system is ad revenue driven it can take a few days for your ad to build the momentum required to achieve full daily reward allotment and as such you may not reach the potential $106.20 with the publication of your first campaign.

Published means your ad is viewable. Advertising rewards are awarded on each of the days an ad is published. As campaigns run nonstop you need only be vigilant that your campaign credits not fall below 2 as publication will be interrupted when the last credit is used. Your campaign credit balance is viewable on your back office dashboard when you log in.

It should also be noted that advertising rewards are not affected by the publication type (Local-5, Local-50 and National), by who the advertiser knows, nor the date one became an advertiser. As a matter of strategy it is best to signup, purchase a campaign, create a minimalistic ad using the EZ Ad Builder and click the [Publish] button on the same day. You can return at any time to make changes to your ad and do so as often as you wish. The important thing for everyone concerned is that you become eligible to receive advertising rewards asap. You could be clicking [Publish] 10 minutes from now, easily.

Campaign Payment

The first time you purchase a 30-day Campaign it will be by credit card which necessitates a $1.17 processing fee. Subsequent campaign purchases can be made using your rewards account so no processing fee applies. You can also purchase campaigns for your additional accounts using your rewards account to avoid the processing fee. You can even pay for another advertiser’s 30-day Ad Campaign in the same way.

Rewards Payment

Reward payment is initiated from your back office and delivered by the US Postal Service as a check. A $3.40 processing fee is applied to every check issue and delivery. Your account profile must be complete prior to requesting payment. As mentioned on the account signup form, it is imperative that you provide your name as it is found on your recognized ID and/or bank account statement so that you may process your check. Administration cannot make changes to your name.

Tax Obligation

Once your earnings have reached $600, and prior to requesting a check, you will need to provide your federal government tax number (SSN or EIN) in the profile area of your back office. You, the advertiser, must assume responsibility for all associated taxes on your earnings. A 1099 tax form will be submitted to meet your state and federal obligations for your accounts collectively.


As you have learned, we are hosting an incredible promotion to drive your secondary income streams and the rapid growth of our advertising platform. We cannot predict the rate of new ad publication with sufficient precision to determine how close to the potential of $106.20 your rewards will reach for each of your accounts.